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Maya's Daily Meds is an app that feeds your body, mind, heart and soul - it is available in iTunes and will be released to Google Play store in early October - Free download. This is a Daily Med The hummingbird competes with the stillness of the air. - Chogyam Trungpa It's almost here.
 We have come to that time of year. Wings fast beat the drum, my eyes develop a tear. I am just not ready for you to leave. Whose presence kept steady lest my heart should grieve. I watch as you fatten and sharpen your skills. Shimmering, silky satin dive-darting and bobbing thrills. I won't hold you back I know you must go. For when the right winds  blow only then, will we meet again.. Have you discovered Maya's Daily Meds yet? through words and art come thoughts for the heart.. Hummers leave - Click Mayas Daily Meds - iTunes and soon Google Play