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Leo has decided to use his celebrity to make a push for UN action regarding climate change. Although his message to the UN (see the video) was incredibly strong, he’s receiving heavy criticism for what The Star is calling outright hypocrisy. Vinay Menon went so far as to write: “Between the private jet-setting and an expanding portfolio of luxury properties on both coasts, DiCaprio has a bigger carbon footprint than most of the middle class blocks he only sees while sipping Moët & Chandon and glancing out the window of a Gulfstream IV.” While I understand the argument that a celebrity with multiple residences and a closet full of thousand dollar suits may not be the best face for an environmental issue, I believe that conscientious actions such as this have to start somewhere. What matters is the will to change thoughts, opinions, and the world around us. To me, is seems like critics such as this haven’t even given Leo the chance to do good things.
Progressives..... No bigger hypocrite exists
Huh you make a good point @pixiedust, but like I think if he really wants to do something about these issues he has to DO something and not only talk about it. I think people can give him a chance to do that tho and not like shout him down before he can do anything.