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Love isn't Love, unless shes Loving Me
She is afraid of Love, as well am I I want to Love her so I want our Love to have a try. Maybe it will die like the leaves in winter? If we never try our hearts may die, because we will always wonder If the one we wanted to Love we never Loved, because we never let them. I have a special Love for her, one that I have learned over time. I would take her fears and dry her tears and hold her heart as she holds this heart of mines. Maybe our Love should never be maybe our Love is not Love just a desire based in fantasy, but how will we ever know if this is real or not if we are both too afraid to see? She is afraid of Love as well am I, maybe she is not afraid of Love maybe she is just afraid of Loving me? Rashaad the Prince of Kings
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These is a poem by Rashaad, right? I really love the rhythm and matching of syllables mirrored throughout the lines; thanks for sharing! I would just keep this to the poetry community, though :) I don't think the photographers would appreciate it as much as the poetry community!
@hikaymm Thank you so much for reading. My pen name is Rashaad but my actual is Ahmad....Guess I will have to choosw one..lol.