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I love this photography series of children posing as the most influential Latino leaders of our time. It's so adorable and at the same time very inspiring to know that there are Latinos in history that they can look up to!
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These are fantastic! I wonder how many series like this there are. @pixiedust I was thinking the same thing, or, ask the kids to make their own of some of their most influential role models.
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@greggr oh that's a great idea!
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Ellen Ochoa seems like someone I need to research more. I love people who really advocate and push women to get educated. It's really important!
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Definitely! I actually wrote a card about her here if you want to check it out @danidee !
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@TechAtHeart Wow! Thank you so much for linking me to that. She seems like such an easy woman for a lot of us to relate to.
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