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[MV - REVIEW] BTS - Danger by S.A.E KPOP
HOLY SMOKES BTS looks sooooooooooooo good! Like WOW.. This is a totally different style than Just One Day, they kind of went back to their debut, when they also did this badass style. This also reminds us a little bit of Boy In Luv. Although the video was really good and it was nice to see more vocals in this one, especially V and Jimin, we felt like it kind of missed something. And that something was RapMonster. We feel like he's kind of the center of the group and he just has that little something that makes all of their songs perfect. We're not saying that this is not, but we missed his voice a little for this comeback. Thanks for watching and please subscribe!! Tumblr:
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This dead....
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@honeysoo SAME °-°
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