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Kim Soo Hyun as Won Ryu Han Won Ryu Han/ Dong Goo, is 24 years old and wandered into town with no memories of his past, taken in by an old woman and works in the old woman’s store doing deliveries, cleaning and such. He is also well known in town as the village idiot. Although he may have this facade to the people in the town, in reality he is a spy that knows 5 languages and is trained to be cold a blooded killing machine since he was a child. Now all for the sake of his cover he receives insults and provocations like it’s nothing and just laughs it off like an idiot that he is supposed to be. But during all those years he has stayed in the town he didn’t just idle away and did nothing, he has collected data on each person in the town which would be used for future plans for the North. Useless as it may sound but he has memorized every detail and the very habit of the people around him. I can actually picture Kim Soo Hyun actually playing this role as he did an almost a similar image from Dream High 1 as the unpolished country boy to his most recent movie, Thieves. cr:Iam.shim
we will wait....
sounds interesting! can't wait!!!