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Post-it just released a new Post-it® Plus App in the Apple App Store that helps you organize your post-its. To use, you snap a picture of your post-it notes from your work session and then the app collects your notes from the picture and allows you to organize and refine your notes on the app board. You are even able to share your organized notes with other users. I must admit, this app sounds pretty cool. My only problem is that I'm not an iPhone or iPad owner so I won't be able to use this unless they release an android version later on.
Lol android blows android is a flea market os seriously
Wow, everyone has an app now!
I would like to see it in real life scenario. And on android:-) tnx for the info
@felipewaltrick let's hope they release an android app! I would use it
I have the same problem. Let's whait the Androind version!
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