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A commuter cyclist has an argument with a motorist when the motorist stops in a cyclist only stopping area. The motorist speeds away dangerously, only to be caught at the next light. The commuter eventually catches up and has a few angry words with the motorist. The motorist gets out of the car and punches the cyclist in the face. When encountering aggressive and angry motorists, it may be best to just avoid them and get on with your day. Although our first instinct is to scold these ignorant motorists, there are many aggressive people that aren't receptive to it. Fighting them will make no difference.
@MarcNelson I totally agree that the cyclist approached the situation in the wrong way, but I like to give people the benefit of the doubt. Maybe the cyclist was having a terrible day and this was the last straw that made him loose his temper. If I can try to find any good to come of this, maybe both parties would go home later that day and think about how terribly they acted toward each other. That could be the start of being considerate to each other on the road.
As in-the-wrong as that motorist may have been, the cyclist should not have provoked him like that. I guess I can only speak for myself, but I certainly would not have done so. I'm certain the whole altercation could have been avoided and downgraded to a mere annoyance for both parties.