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A biker riding down a sharrow is squeezed to the side of the road by a passing driver. The driver slams on his brakes after cutting off the biker and the biker inevitably hits the back of the car. In a fit of rage, the driver gets out of his car pushes the bike the ground. Still angry, he picks it up again and slams the bike into his truck bed. The police were called to the scene, and the biker was cited for following too closely. The police officer did not review the footage, so the biker is fighting the charge. Updates to come!
When rear-ended by another car, it's normally understood that the following driver has a duty to control the distance between him and the vehicle ahead. That might be why the cyclist was ticketed. However, the video clearly shows that the cyclist never had a chance to create that space- the driver overtook him, cut in front with very little room, and decelerated rapidly, leaving the cyclist with little choice or control of the situation. For the driver to claim to be the victim of rear-ending here strains credulity. Hope the cyclist prevails here. Also, the video suggests that the driver may have committed some degree of assault, if not outright vandalism.
Wow..just wow.
When this goes before the judge I hope the judge calls the officer up to the bench and berates him for wasting the courts time for citing the innocent party.
it's happens to me no respect for bikes
there is a guy doing time in California for stopping in front of a cyclist and causing him to hit the vehicle.
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