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Hi all, please write your most sincere wish to have a special and Season 2 for this amazing drama here. I will send the link of this card to RMPW's staff here . Spread the world too. The more people request the better. Proposal Daisakusen got a special because many people requested so I think our RMPW can make it too. Let's make it happen!
season 2 onegai !
to find such an amusing drama that can captivate you and you can't even hold yourself from not pressing the next button, is RARE. it's a well done in every aspect! funny yet serious, drama yet warm and to me it was a thriller kinda too ^_^ I rate it with 5 stars and a 10 point of 10. ah~ I forgot...I definitely want to watch a 2ed season of it, BUT WITH THE SAME QUALITY, Please.
No news ㅠㅠ
I like this drama so please make season 2.
There are some news about the season 2 ? It been 1 year already...
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