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She is beauty. I see her, I believe her, to be the most beautiful of beings, I have seen. I believe that I should tell, tell that she moves mountains of minds that find love hard to find when she has filled me with love, so much love inside this heart of mines. I will paint portraits of the forest we two will be lost in, where our fears end, where I will simply ask her to be my wife in, I will chop the trees with bare hands and build the house we will live in, if only we believed in happily ever afters, after we are shocked by the truth of reality, that the love I dreamt of, already belonged to me. Give your hand to me, as I plan to be the man you need that will love you throughout eternity, or until this breath has gone from me. I believe her to be beauty. One of the most beautiful beings, I with my eyes have ever seen. She moves mountains with her love, she moved mountains just to get to me. I am nolonger, now it is we. She and Me.
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