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Happy couple is going to get married on the 1st of October in Samui, Thailand. We could not go to photoshoot and organize a ceremony for them cause we too busy with a lot of work and our parents came to visit us. Parents' visit happens once a year so we cannot go out of country for a few weeks. But the couple ordered, as they said, "at least" our accessories!)) Here you can see bride's bouquet and ring holder (handmade from seashells, corals and polymer clay flowers), pirate map and "farewell" edification from pirate captain. For more handcraft accessories' pics you can follow the link. Please Like, Clip and Share if you love your job as we do!)))
@marshalledgar thank you! watch for more ideas soon! just have no time to post some.
This is such a fun idea! Custom invitations and party favors are always awesome :)
Well this is certainly creative.
@intropics I'm going to hit the pause button so you can post more. Besides, I could use some
@intropics Yes! Perfect example of a themed event with classy components. STUNNING shell and floral bouquet.