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This is so interesting. I personally feel that, yes, there are internet dialects because people communicate differently depending on the platform. I can feel the difference between tumblr, twitter, and even vingle in the way people speak. Reddit is another community I feel has it's own language, LOL. What do you think? Are there internet dialects? Which ones would you consider to be good examples?
Definitely! It all goes back to the medium is the message. If my friend gets a facebook message from me they know its probably something dumb, but if they get an email, phone call, or text they know its probably much more serious!
Yes!! I have totally different conversations depending on the channel: email and hangout for work, chatting apps for friends and fb chat for reconnecting with less close friends. Twitter is where I spew in less coherent ways....
Yeah, for me I change depending on who I am speaking with. On reddit, I find myself being more sarcastic than on other platforms lol