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SUMO ROLL: A Claymation Short by American animator Jay Kim

Here is "Sumo Roll", the story of an otherwise calm sushi chef who is interrupted from his work by an unexpected guest. It was created by current Disney animator Jay Kim back when he was still a graduate student in the University of Southern California's esteemed Animation & Digital Arts program. The short has been screened at film festivals worldwide, including the Montreal Stop Motion Film Festival, the Singapore International Childrens' Film Festival, and Big Eddy Film Festival in Narrowsburg, New York.
This is definitely what I look like when I go out for sushi :)
Ha! I love claymation so much. I miss the age of Wallace & Gromit and Chicken Run...
This is adorable and so funny! Stop motion animation is such a wonderful art form, I wish more movies and short films were done this way.
@TeamWaffles I think considering the work that's put into animated shorts is partially why I grew to like them so much. They're short, obviously, but they require a lot of patience and technical work!
This must have taken so much work! Awesome!
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I finally had the time to watch Okja this weekend and I am so glad I did! If you didn't see any info about it you can read my card --> here! Basic summary: A food corporation is breeding a new kind of pig, they gave 26 of them to farmers around the world and made a competition of who could raise the biggest pig. Okja is one of the pigs, and has become part of the family in her Korean home. When she's taken away - her little girl will stop at nothing to get her back! !! !!! !! SPOILERS AHEAD!!! !! !!! !! First off, I was surprised by how fast it went. The 2 hours totally flew by! I also loved how they played with Korean, and since I was able to understand it it made it even funnier. Like when the leader of the ALF was like "40 long years ago we founded this great blahbalhabalahbal...." and Steve Yeun's character was just like "매날" hahahah I did like it, but I have one tiny issue with it... Lucy Mirando's character: She was totally manic. She was an absolute nut which made her so fun to watch. The problem is though, that it makes her character, her company, and what that corporation is doing, seem like an exaggeration. It really isn't :/ The horrible conditions, violent "forced mating" aka rape, and unnecessary pain is totally normal in the food industry. Now yes, there are local farmers that still treat their animals with dignity, and I don't think Okja was anti-meat. I think Okja is talking about the HUGE corporations that are doing pretty horrible things to our food. From using totally unsustainable ways of farming to putting animals in completely unnecessary conditions (like I said, I know there are farmers that raise animals in a sustainable way - not talking about those people!!) I hope Okja opened a lot of eyes, but I also hope people won't write the Mirando Corp off as an exaggeration because, as scary as it is, that is so SO close to reality. What did you think!?