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[Note: There's censored nudity in this one, so don't click if you're around someone who could be easily offended by black bars.] In every art student's academic career, there will be the inevitable timed figure drawing activity. Your observational drawing professors will only give you anywhere from 30 seconds to 2 minutes to loosely sketch the general form and motion of the model in front of you. This is both a warm-up activity and for you to get acquainted with a draft of the general composition you'll be working with that day. In this video, Steve Proko allows himself two minutes to sketch out a variety of forms. I would suggest to pay attention to which details he deems important and how he is able to quick sketch a 'blueprint' of sorts. This takes a lot of practice, of course, but with enough time and effort, you'll be quick sketching with the best of them! Happy drawing!
Doing this every day would definitely force you to learn how to get ideas on the page quickly
@Sjeanyoon The first time a student is asked to do it, they're like "WHAT? REALLY?!" It's so funny. Everything gets easier with enough practice!
I feel like this would take me so much practice to not be stressed by the short amount of sketching time!
really cool