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Upcycle your old bottles and turn them into a fun garden edging that will glitter in the sunlight, and even collect a little bit of water that might attract butterflies! How to: 1. Rinse out empty wine, soda or beer bottles. If they have labels, soak them in a mixture of warm water and some sort of dish detergent--I used Mop n' Glo, and then mopped the floor afterwards (2 birds with 1 stone!) 2. Dig a trench where you will be placing them. With the dirt you remove from the trench, use a funnel or your hands to fill the bottles. This will keep them from breaking as easily! 3. Turn them upside down and push them into a trench dug along your path. You can push them as deep as you want: the deeper they are, the less likely the are to get broken! 4. Fill in the space between the necks of the bottles as much as you can. Unlike wood edging, glass will not rot in wet weather! The glass of the bottles also glitters in the sunlight and will brighten your garden. If you have pets or children running your garden, be weary, because it is possible that these will break! Still, a beautiful idea for a unique, upcycled garden edging :)
@pixiedust @GetFitwithAmy @asparagus They're definitely appealing visually; I still worry about them breaking, though! Be careful with them everyone.
@thePinkFlower good point! Always be cautious working with glass!
What a beautiful idea! I know I have one too many wine bottles stored up in my house
Gorgeous! Especially if you have some really colorful bottles that are fun shapes :)
This is beautiful! What a creative touch of whimsy, so colorful and unique!