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Starting your day off on the right foot is the best way to improve your body. While you don't need to incorporate all of these tips into your daily morning routine, I suggest trying to adopt as many as you can. Perhaps just starting the the last tip and working your way to more and more! 1. Drink Warm Lemon Water Right When You Wake Up Warm lemon water cleanses your digestive system and gets your metabolism fired up to take on the day! You can also add in a bit of organic, raw honey to sweeten up the sour lemon. 2. Set Your Alarm 30 Minutes Earlier This might be the hardest tip :) Waking up earlier is going to boost your metabolism by putting you in sync with the way the body works. It might seem tough to wake up earlier than you have to, but it’s not so bad as long as you go to sleep earlier the night before! 3. Perform the 5 Tibetan Rites It may sound too easy, but these 5 actions, when done together and in sequence, can help your metabolism kick into a higher gear. They include spinning in a circle, doing leg lifts, arching your back, making a table, and a full body lunge. I attached video which shows how to do a complete circuit of the five rites, including rests between them. 4. Lift Weights for 20 Minutes Building muscle is a sure way to increase your metabolic rate, and one of the best times of the day to lift weights is in the morning. This is one ritual you don’t want to pass on, and if you choose only one on this list, make it this one. 5. Have 2 Eggs, Any Style Eggs are a great way to get your metabolism in gear, and it doesn’t matter how you cook them up, you’ll still be getting the nutrition and the boost to your metabolism they provide. 6. Drink a Cup of Green Tea Green tea has antioxidants in it that improve your overall health. You’ll have to continue to drink green tea throughout the day if you want to get the most benefits from it. One cup might not be enough to produce the effect of a faster metabolism, and research suggests that multiple cups per day are required, as many as five or more. 7. Fill Your Water Bottle Staying hydrated is key if you want to keep your metabolism humming along. If you started your morning with a cup of warm water with lemon, you’ve already started the process of rehydrating the body after a night’s slumber.
@SudarsanN warm lemon water in the morning is very good for digestion and weightless as well as raw honey aides in digestion and immunity with healing properties
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