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Band of the Day is a ~*free*~ Android, iOS, and web application that showcases a new band each day (appropriately named app, huh?) Started by self-proclaimed "music geeks," this app just had its 3rd birthday and celebrated highlighting more than 1,097 bands. Each featured group has up to 6 songs attached to their profile for your listening pleasure. This is an international app so it is a great way to discover artists from all over the world! After a certain number of plays on the app, the listener will be shown the iTunes link to download more of the artist's music, unlike other streaming services. To request a band to be featured, feel free to Tweet them (@bandofthedayapp) or post to their Facebook ( If you'd like your own music to be featured, you can reach out to them the same way, or send an email to BotD will not own any of the rights to your music, only the right to stream it on their site for the agreed amount of time. In order to be considered as a featured artist for BotD, please be sure you meet their requirements before applying: - At least one (preferably 2) EP(s) with 4 songs minimum, available on the US iTunes store - A good variety of high-res photographs - A selection of high-quality, mobile-enabled music videos on YouTube - Review links to high-quality recordings - Verification of ownership of your music or label contacts that have the rights to let us use and promote your music, both in and outside of the app Good luck and enjoy the tunes!