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Victoria. Why are you covered in blood?! I am going to just have to get started. 0:03 WHAT THE HECK! 0:16 I don't know if it's weird makeup, she's really tired, or I hadn't noticed, but are Victoria's eyes two different sizes? Cool. 0:27 That! Doesn't! Make! It! Okay!!! Poor poor Terrance. Rest in peace, little guy. 1:31 I am for once not incredibly nervous! Even though I don't think he's going to make it....I just remembered the blood. Ok, I'm nervous again. 2:27 I can't even imagine how bad that must smell. This episode is calm so far....I'm suspicious. 2:50 Rory! Nice to see you alive and well! 3:20 Did her and Eli break up?? Or is it the drugs? For once, I hope they broke up. 3:30 Definite break up. Pay attention Victoria! 3:40 Good girl Victoria. That's too bad, though :( 3:55 Please don't tell me Victoria is about to get mad over her /study/ rather than over her friends' break up!!! 4:10 Ughhhhhh worst friend everrrrr!! Rory and Eli and Iggy are awesome; treat them like it! 4:30 Please yell at her Rory. Please. She deserves it so, so, so badly. 5:10 It's okay to make mistakes Victoria (just please don't kill anything else). 5:40 She does have emotions :( Even though she scares me so much, I still feel really bad for her. She doesn't know how to handle anything besides success. 5:55 Iggy always knows what to say :( She would be completely lost without him! 6:10 Yes please this is a hard conversation to watching, mostly because of the blood all over her face. Please, Iggy. I'm begging you. 6:21 They're so cute and so creepy all at once. I love you Iggy. You're OK Victoria. And that's it for today! What's it going to take to make Victoria really, really crack?!
Oh man oh man I'm on the edge of my seat!
@AgentCory She is seriously insane I cannot get over this -_- WHAT is gonna happen?!
@timeturnerjones I feel like this should be such an obvious question bc it's a book and everyone knows it but STILL!!!
@AgentCory Hey, these writers are always looking to surprise!!!