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Will Brueggemann, awesome nerd and musician just released a tribute album to the video game series Metroid (by Nintendo). Will has done other video game inspired songs and albums, usually with his brother Karl who also helped with the album (which btw is called "Child of the Chozo"). The album includes the following 20 tracks in various styles that are super retro and awesome. You can check out his site for more info about him including the podcast he runs with Karl. I'm really excited about this because my dad really loved Super Metroid and other Metroid games when I was a kid so this is a fun thing he and I can share c: 1. A Hero in Deep Space 02:25 2. Adventure in the Caverns Below 02:38 3. In the Vile Layer of the Beast 02:05 4. Cybernetic Space Mutant 02:12 5. Heart of the Alien 02:41 6. Mission Accomplished! 01:24 7. A New Adventure in Deep Space 03:05 8. Theme of the Chosen 02:51 9. Labrynthia 02:49 10. Dead in the Water 02:41 11. An Organic Encounter 03:38 12. A Hunter is Born 02:16 13. In the Thicket of the Hive 03:13 14. Until Next Mission 02:29 15. A Hero in a New Dimension 02:01 16. Making Planetfall in the Wetlands 02:40 17. Subterranean Fortress 02:24 18. Atop the Planet's Fridgid Cliffside 03:57 19. The Fate of the Universe 03:34 20. Child of the Chozo 02:00
@timeturnerjones I don't think so no, sound funny tho
hahahaha yes music dedicated to games is awesome. have you ever heard "im losing my boyfriend (to world of war craft)"? I cant think of who its by... @AgentCory