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I found this article and immediately thought of @greggr and @pixiedust! Video Games to "enhance learning". 1. LittlebigPlanet2 It teaches circuit designing, you actually design and build entire circuit boards 2. SpaceChem You work as a Reactor Engineer, turning raw materials into valuable chemical products 3. Gratuitous Space Battles Design and build your own spaceship! 4. Robocode Open source game to make you learn programming languages i.e. Java and .NET 5. Node-def It teaches hacking techniques. compete against other hackers to dominate the web 6. Kodu Kodu can be used to teach creativity, problem solving, storytelling, as well as programming. 7. The Incredible Machine Puzzle based game to make you think critically to solve challenging puzzles 8. Zachtronics You play as a design engineer working in a semiconductor factory on integrated circuits based. 9. Garry’s Mod It's about basic concepts of Physics. It teaches about rocket launchers. 10. CoLoBoT Program the robots in Java and C
Interesting! I'll have to research these each a little more and see if any would suit my students. Thank you.
@greggr watching any of these for school would be the best thing like ever!