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Fall Blooming Flowers: Sneezeweed (also known as Heleniums). This is an absolutely stunning fall bloomer! It is covered in 2-3" flowers from July-September, and can rebloom in October as well! The name "Sneezeweed" might come from it's use in Native American snuff a long time ago. This is a great flower to enhance your late summer/early fall colorings! And, the flower come in many shades of gold, yellow, rust and mahogany. They're a tall flower that can, in some varieties, reach up to 5', and they prefer damp, cool grounds and lots of sunshine! They are easy to grow and reliable in any fertile soil and tolerate quite a bit of moisture (a good candidate for the moist to mesic area of a raingarden). They blend perfectly with grasses, bee balm, yarrow and other late season bloomers. Some of my favorite fall varieties: :: Coppelia Stunning burnt orange flowers on 2 ½-3' tall plants. Blooms August-September. :: Double Trouble A new variety with rich gold flowers and multi-layered petals. This creates a fluffy "double" appearance. It grows 3' tall and 18" wide with sturdy stems great for cut flowers. :: Feursiegel A taller Helenium reaching 5' tall and 2' wide. 2-3" flowers are gold with an orange ring. :: Mardi Gras Profuse yellow flowers age to orange. Rich chocolate brown centers. Mardi Gras reaches 3-4' tall and 3' wide. :: Moerheim Beauty A unique Helenium with mahogany flowers on 2 ½- 4' plants. This beauty may need some staking. :: Ruby Tuesday A new compact variety with burgundy flowers and mahogany centers. It reaches 20-30" tall, and has profuse 1 ½" flowers July-September. :: Sahin's Early Bicolor orange and gold flowers fade to yellow July-September. The flowers are used in the cut flower industry because of their exceptionally sturdy stems. :: The Bishop Large golden yellow flowers and dark centers. Blooms earlier than other varieties from June to August.
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Ah, the wonderful Sneezewood! I love these; particularly the Mardi Gras variety! Ruby Tuesdays are beautiful as well.