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HELLO! My name is Cory (AgentCory) and I’m your brand new Comics moderator!!! I absolutely love comics, especially DC but I’m not picky, all comics universes are awesome and welcome here in the Comics community! :D I also really really REALLY love comic related movies and shows (Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, JL and JLU, Arrow, and more more more!) so obv that’s a thing that I hope we can talk about here c: Comics is a pretty small community right now which is awesome but I hope we can work together to make it something as awesome and huge as comics deserve! If you wanna help out that would be sweet just message me about being Community Staff and we’ll take on this challenge together! We can even get capes!
I want a cape!
thenks a lot buthefol girl from what you sey my hart naw hot
@pixiedust thank yoooooou!
exeleeeent. its com for me in the good hav ther to mach boobd
Congratulations @AgentCory!!!
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