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Hello :) I am the Moderator for the Music community for Q4 here on Vingle and I'm really excited to get started. This is my first time as Moderator, so I need all the help I can get! Please message me any suggestions or questions you have about making this community a great place for lovers of music. I attached a few songs to represent what I am listening to right now. I usually switch between listening to R&B and a more alternative rock sound, but I love all kinds of music! I love getting recommendations so hopefully I can find a lot of new amazing artists from you all this quarter :) xo, Cari
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congrats @caricakes! you've got really cool taste in music, good luck with the community!
Thanks and of couuuurse! @danidee @AgentCory
Congratulations @caricakes!
Congrats to you!!
Gerard way <33333333 we must talk music!!!