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Hello and welcome everyone to my first Once Upon a Time reaction posts here on Vingle! This episode was SO OMFGLDKFJLADJSF I don’t want to waste a lot of time on a long introduction SO let’s just dive in okay? Okay! Initial reaction: WTF OMG YES NO YES WHAAAAAT! . . . . . GOOD . . . . . ● BELLE BELLE BELLE BELLE BELLE I know she didn’t really do much but BELLE BELLE BELLE BELLE BELLE BELLE BEEEEEEEEEEEEEELLEEEEEEE! ● Also Rumple, both his speech at Neal’s grave, and his doing the right thing with the dagger (for five seconds). ● Regina having a good moment, which did get taken away later but I really liked her ability to see the things she’s done wrong and feel bad about them. It adds a depth to the character she was lacking and was a really big step forward, followed by what I honestly think is a more realistic step backwards. No I don’t want her to be trying to kill anyone, but in this situation I understand it, whereas with Snow after a while it became “Ok but why are you still doing this?” Do I think she’s a good person? Not yet, but it seems like it could happen. Overall I’m happy, but we’ll see where that goes. ● *singing obnoxiously* TALE AS OLD AS TIME ● SONG AS OLD AS RHYME ● BEAUTY AND THE BEAST!!!!! ● Now please go have sex—I MEAN! No I totally mean that don’t judge me. ● It’s me!!! Some how I didn’t think Sven was really going to have a big role and he didn’t his presence in the scene was a lot more important than I thought it would be and I’m happy. I had lines guys! LINES! ● In season 3 the subject of The Writer was brought up by Snow very briefly and I’m surprised but excited that that was apparently actually subtle foreshadowing (something I didn’t think A&E knew how to do). The subtlety went out the window once Regina decided to get involved but for a moment there things were awesome. ● PHAN-FUCKING-TASIA!!!!! Actually already figured that because there have been hints about it for a while but I’m still excited to see it brought up so early. Makes me really curious how Elizabeth Mitchell will fit in but still excited! . . . . . BAD . . . . . ● I like Anna and Elsa, but whether it’s the acting, direction, or writing Anna felt really forced :/ I’m hoping she’ll get better as she becomes more comfortable with the role but in this episode she felt unnatural. ● I miss the days when Grumpy was an actual character and not just a plot beacon. He’s literally become “HEY GUYS THE PLOTS OVER HERE” and it makes me sad. ● Obviously not pleased that Regina has decided once again the answer to her misery is hurting others, but as I said before I hope that it’s more logical this time and resolves itself. ● Hook no. Hook stop. You aren’t charming and you aren’t cute, you harass women and are gross. . . . . . THOUGHTS . . . . . ● Overall as I said a few times I’m excited. We didn’t hear much of anything from Snow, Charming, or really anyone other than the primary character of the episode which I’m pretty neutral about. ● I’m wondering now if the wizard’s hat that Rumple revealed? Summoned? I’m wondering if that is perhaps the same sort of deal as the Dark One’s dagger, the hat possesses a greater power that’s passed from wearer to wearer. Probably not, but it’s an interesting idea. ● Nothing yet from Mitchell but I’m sure that will be revealed eventually so until then I’ll be along for the ride. And those are all of my thoughts! Please please please let’s continue conversation about the episode and Once in general in comments! And if you have any thoughts about my new experiment (posting these thoughts here and linking elsewhere) please feel free to message me about that too. Pictures from FarFarAwaySite.com 1. Sisters! 2. Elsa = </3 3. Anna = ? 4. IT ME! 5. Sydney no. Sydney y u do. 6. Robin and his less than marry ladies
@Ashlee1989 mmm yeah I can see that. I think it may just be that they're new characters so the actors haven't (hadn't) quite grown into them yet, something that I think will change as the season progresses. So what I know about Elizabeth is she's somehow linked to the Frozen characters, and is also a villain. What was going around the rumor mill online was she would be some sort of Snow Queen BECAUSE something A&E mentioned was wanting to incorporate elements from the Hans Christian Anderson fairy tale as well as Disney's Frozen so my suspicion is she's a villain based on the original story rather than a character from the Disney movie. We'll have to wait and see though! Rumbelle babies yes please and thank you goodnight! XD And thank you so much for commenting!
Overall I thought this was a strong premiere. Both Anna and Elsa fell a little flat for me, Elsa more so than Anna though....she just seemed to lack that spark of something she had in the movie. I want to like both of them so hopefully my opinion changes. I am also super excited to see what kind of role Elizabeth will play. I feel like I read somewhere that she was cast in 'an unknown frozen role' so my guess for right now is that she also has powers like Elsa and that their parents were going to find her when their ship sunk. And as for Rumbelle all I have to say is I want them to have all the babies kthbxbai
Yeah, something about Elsa/Anna felt flat, hollow, or both. And forced, maybe? I'll get over it quickly, I'm sure, but there's just this thought in the back of my head like "they're shoving Frozen in there because recent and popular now and ratings." But, like I said, I'll probably forget about all that quickly, especially if it's done well. Also dancing to the actual song and ahhhyes. And Rumple swearing to be a better person. Good stuff.
Oh another Once fan to share my excitement with! It looks like you're a Beauty, what sort of things are you looking forward to for Belle this season? I remember hearing something about casting for her mother? Personally I loved Anna and Elsa, but maybe just a difference of opinion, and I'm sure they'll only get better as the season goes on! As for Regina I agree, it's sad to see her turn back to her old habits, but I really think if she allows her heart to be open to the people who care about her she'll be able to move past her darkness! Really interesting theory about who Mitchell may be playing, I can't wait to see if you're right! I'm doing my own thoughts and reflections posts in fact if you'd like to check them out.