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New Vegan Moderator - Asparagus
Hello Vegan Vinglers (and anyone else looking for yummy recipes, health tips, and lifestyle inspiration) I am happy to announce that I will be Q4's Vegan moderator :D A little background on me: I was a pescetarian for 4 years then transitioned to a vegetarian diet for 2 years. When I realized how simple it would be for me to switch to a completely vegan diet, I new I had to make the lifestyle change. I am nearly 3 years a vegan and loving every second of it! I know that transitioning is hard, especially when it comes to making sure you get all of the right nutrients, so PLEASE reach out to me with all of your questions. Plus, I just love to chit chat in general so feel free to shoot me a message about anything under the sun! Have a great day! Sarah <3
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