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This DIY Plate and Bowl feeder will get more birds in your garden, and it will look absolutely adorable! Thanks to Erin's Creative, we can all learn how to do it! Supplies: - Drill and standard drill bit (if you are choosing to use a melamine bowl. If you want to use ceramic or porcelain bowls and plates, buy a drill bit designed to drill them) - Bowl and Plate - Large carriage bolt, I used 10"x 5/8" (could also use an eye bolt) - Three washers that will fit your bolt - Three nuts that will fit your bolt - Glue, such as CA glue - If you use a carriage bolt, you'll also need nylon cord. 1. First, you need to do the trickiest part: drill your holes! Take a block of scrap wood and place it directly under where you are drilling. Even with that, you might get some chipping as you drill the hole. 2. Place a washer on your bolt and then bring your bolt up through the bottom part of your bowl. It will be very wobbly, so you will need to sandwich the washers around the bowl with glue. The order goes, washer, glue, bowl, glue, washer. 3. Then you will take a nut and thread it a few inches down. Your plate will sit directly on top of this nut. 4. Place your plate on the nut, then thread another nut so that the plate sits between the two. Hand tighten them so your plate doesn't move, but not so hard that you crack the plate. 5. Then place another washer and another nut on your bolt. This step is only necessary if you used a carriage bolt. If you found a large eye bolt, your assembly will be in reverse. 6. Cut yourself two pieces of nylon cord about 2 feet long each. 7. Tie a simple overhand knot (the first knot you make when tying a shoe) with each piece of cord. Make sure the knot is around the middle of the cord. 8. Then you start doing a lanyard knot (technically called a crown sinnet knot) over the top of the washer, but make sure your overhand knot stays tight while doing so. If you aren't comfortable with your overhand knot, glue it before proceeding to your crown sinnet knot. If you don't understand how to do it, please visit Animated Knots by Grog to check it out. 9. Once you have created a few inches of the crown sinnet knot, take two strands of cord and make some loops like so. You will then take your two remaining strands of cord and tie an overhand knot around the base of your loops. 10. Pull it very tight. You don't want it to come loose. Then, cut the excess cord off. Cut close to the base of your knot. Burn the ends of the cord. 11. Now, fill it with bird seed and see what feathery friends come to visit! For more from Emily:
This is really clever, I be my grandma would love it if I made something like this for her for christmas :) Thanks for the inspiration!
What a great way to add some whimsy to your yard! I've never done anything crafty like this with dishes because I'm always so worried they'll break, any advice?
These remind me of the teacup ride at Disneyland!
This is so adorable! I find a lot of cute plates and silverware when I'm thrifting that I always want to buy but have no real use for. Now it looks like I do!
This almost looks kind of retro! I like it.