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Hello Love & Relationship Community!
Hi!!! I will be continuing my role as moderator for the Love & Relationship community for another quarter! Thanks as always to great contributors like @timeturnerjones @MasriDaniela @AhmadBlack @pixiedust @coolbeans and many more! I can't wait to see how we can make this community even better! See you around! Love always, Kristen
woow always ... I am thankful @kristenadams .... fighting ..@pixiedust sis ....
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congrats @kristenadams!!!
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Congratulations @kristenadams! This is such a wonderful community, I'm so excited to work together to share and enjoy what we love!
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Thanks so much for the shout out @kristenadams !! :)
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All I can think is Parent Trap. Excited for your cards, as always! :) @kristenadams
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