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Once Upon a Time is back and oh my goodness this looks to be an exciting season! I’ve been anticipating Frozen since the season 3 finale and I was not disappointed! Anna and Elsa were positively perfect, I love the actors selected and I can’t even be surprised at this point. Every decision the creators have made regarding casting has been perfect and this is no exception. Anna is bright and goofy while Else is guarded and learning to open up and “let go” (I’m sorry, I had to). I really didn’t expect to see the trolls or Sven so that was a lovely treat as well! I hope we get to see more of them later on, perhaps when we’re finally introduced to Hans. The homage to Beauty and the Beast was perfect as well, truly touching and beautifully done. I know the Rumbellers are probably crying and my heart goes out to you, Rumbelle is such a beautiful pairing. Speaking of pairings my heart also goes out to Regina. She’s had so many struggles in her life and now to be presented with a new one is so heartbreaking! I really hope she’s able to let her family and the people who care about her help her. I believe she can find happiness, she just has to let others help her get there. As for the Charmings it’s so wonderful to see Snow and Charming together with baby Neal, and not in the middle of a crisis. I hope their time of peace lasts for a few hours at least! Emma is always at the forefront of my mind when I’m watching Once, and I’m so conflicted with this episode! On the one hand I want her to be able to have the normal life she craves, even if it means joint custody of her son with the Evil Queen and date nights with Captain Hook. On the other she’s still the Savior so she still has obligations to protect the people of Storybrooke, and even if she didn’t have to it’s Emma so of course she would want to! I just hope she’s able to balance everything and find her own happiness. I’m thoroughly intrigued by the mystery of the author of the fairy tale book, and how that may (or may not) be connected to the wizard. And I’m so excited to see more of Elsa’s journey to find Anna! The reference to Charming’s “I will find you!” was truly touching as well. Looking forward to next week and I hope some others are as well! Until then everyone!