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Cruising and carving boards have been around for a long time. They are great for mellow riding as a commuter, you can usually spot them on campus if you are in college. They take on a lot of different shapes, but most commonly you'll see them as pintails. Cruising and carving boards generally have a mellow flex to give a more responsive feel. These boards are perfect for pushing around town, cruising on a bike path, or carving down a mellow hill.
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99% of the boards I see at school are pintails or penny boards. Nothing wrong with them, but I just feel like telling people there is so much more out there!
I love the look of the pintails, but that sector 9, though... I just have serious board lust. Landyachtz, Rayne, Bustin, Underground, and more... but thankfully I'm so in love with my board that I haven't lost my mind or wallet. yet. :)
@carenvendetti The simple law of n + 1 = x. The number of boards you want = x. The number of boards you own = n.