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Anyone with a smartphone can set up an Instagram account, but can everyone build an engaged community around it? Probably not. You can display high quality content all you want, but that alone does not create an active following. HootSuite put together a list of the three basic steps a brand ought to take to build a strong community around their Instagram account. 1. Paying attention to hashtags. This is so much more than #foodporn. Dig deeper to discover the newest hashtag craze that applies to your content. Often when certain hashtags become over-crowded, a new trend of a similar vein will be created. Find the top Instagrammers in your field and see what they're posting into. Going the extra mile to find the hottest hashtags will get your posts appreciated! 2. Collaborating with other Instagrammers The new(ish) tagging feature provides a great opportunity to get your account more attention. Rather than simply mentioning another user in a comment, tag them in an actual photo. This photo will show up on their account under 'Tagged Photos' and their followers will likely stumble upon quickly. 3. Give your account a personality You believe in your brand and its personality, but not everything translates easily over the web. Posting lifestyle content makes your brand seem more human and personable. Try posting things that are popular all over the Web. "Everyone loves a sunset because everyone can relate to a sunset." This kind of post also allows you to use hashtags you normally wouldn't which stretches your reach even further into the depths of Instagram. Building a following on Instagram is easier said than done, but these three tricks will help you on your way!
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@Sjeanyoon As someone from a generation outside of hashtags, I have to agree! I can deal wtih one or two and they're great for discovery, but I'm going to click off if there are too many.
Personal opinion but I can't stand pictures that use a lot of hashtags. So I think finding a few key hashtags is important to not clog your post with hundreds of ###