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Great vs. Grimm Fairy Tale Revisions

This is an interesting article comparing various fractured and revised classical fairy tales. Some I agree with, and some I disagree with, so here are my picks for "Great" and "Grimm" from their list! GREAT: Frozen It's old news at this point, but the Disney adaptation of the Hans Christian Anderson fairy tale Frozen is as inspiring as it is magical. The writing is beautiful, and the themes of family, faith, and love are truly inspirational. GRIMM: Hansel & Gretel Witch Hunters I love the idea of a more modern version of this classic tale, but this movie really doesn't cut it. Guns seem unnecessary and awkward, and Hansel suffering diabetes is just strange. The attempted to make the story and setting more modern only seem to make it disappointing. GREAT: Ever After I don't think anyone will be surprised that this is one of my favorite movies. It maintains the romantic fantasy of the original tale with appropriate adjustments to modernize the story. It's beautiful and classic. GRIMM: Beastly What made Beauty and the Beast a classic tale was you were able to tell from his actions that the Beast is not truly beastly, merely lonely, confused, and largely misunderstood. With his melodramatic adaptation the audience is supposed to associate tattoos and scars with being a monster, and I just don't get it. GREAT: Tangled Tangled, much like Frozen, took a classic and beautiful fairy tale and did something incredible with it. The imagery is beautiful and the themes are complex but invaluable for young audiences (and thoroughly enjoyable for older ones too!). GRIMM: Jack The Giant Slayer I loved the idea of a princess out to seek her own fortune and adventure, but the story just devolved into the tired "damsel in distress" trope which was really disappointing. GREAT: Enchanted Positively perfect, modern and inspired. I love the movies ability to be self referential and just as magical and enchanting (I'm sorry, I had to!) as any of the Disney Renaissance classics. GRIMM: Mirror Mirror More or less everything Enchanted did right, Mirror Mirror got wrong. They tried for a modern and self referential twist, but it's over done and loses the magic of a fairy tale. Overall it feels overdone and lacking. GREAT: Princess And The Frog A wonderful and creative variation on a story every child has heard. Each of the characters is complex and very real, and the focus is less on defeating a villain and more on personal growth and determination. It's a wonderful inspiration. GRIMM: Red Riding Hood I've heard a lot of critique for this movie, and I agree with a lot of it. It's flat and disappointing, and trying to do to much with a classic tale in what feels like an unoriginal attempt to be shocking.
@sophiamor smart move, I hope you got to see a few of the great ones though!
I am happy to report that I have never seen any of the "Grimm"ones :) I heard enough horrible reviews to stay away!
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