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We've just passed the 30 year anniversary of The Cosby Show and I thought it would be nice to relive some lessons learned from the defining sitcom. 1. What was with the sweaters? Reportedly Sarah Lemire the Cosby Show costumer didn't want to put Bill in a suit because she didn't feel it suited the character they were trying to portray. As it happened, Koos Van Den Akker had sent over a potential sweater and it was a perfect fit! 2. How to explain Santa to your children Questions about Father Christmas are something every parent has to deal with at some point, and looking different from traditional representations of the character adds another layer of questions for a child. The Cosby show handled the issue it with humor and grace, as to be expected. 3. What to do when your child gets a piercing Fortunately for Cosby, Theo only got his ear pierced, but it was still an issue that both had to deal with. Instead of blowing up without giving Theo a chance to explain himself, Cosby took a caring approach to the situation that lives on as an inspiration. 4. Parents being left out of the loop Sometimes it was up to the children to take the lead on how to behave in a situation--even when the situation was brought on by another child! 5. You never know what to expect! Well, on the show you never knew what celebrity cameo to expect as in the example of little four year old Alicia Keys, but expecting the unexpected is true for life as well! 6. How to celebrate No one celebrated and cherished family quite like the Cosby's, and it remains an inspiration to this day.
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these are really funny and somehow also good lessons XD