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This crafter fashioned her own wedding dress for under $30 just by knitting a beautiful sheer lace dress. According to post on Reddit she used her commute time to work on the dress, meaning this beautiful piece was inexpensive and even easy! Making your own wedding dress is incredible to me, a real inspiration. I'm useless with a needle and thread, but fortunately my mother is quite skilled and actually made the simple dress I wore for my own wedding. Buy a dress is fine of course, but I love the added specialness of something homemade like that.
Wow, that's amazing on so many levels. My sister just bought her wedding gown and would scream if she knew someone had one this beautiful for $30!
So beautiful! What a talent.
@sophiamor @danidee I'm even a little jealous myself, the patience and talent to do this is so inspiring to me!