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Last week the creator of the awesome shows Arrow and The Flash dropped some hints at more possible spin-off shows. "What you’ll see embedded in Flash and Arrow is that we’ll have the ability to test characters out. Is there room to grow them into the next show? I cannot tell you yet. There are discussions going on." Obviously I'd be freaking thrilled with more DC universe shows, and having the characters tested out on Arrow and The Flash sounds like a good plan. Gotham and Constantine are already going, and CBS is still working on Supergirl and apparently TNT is working on Titans (omgomgomg!) and that's all but what makes DC awesome to me is how the different heroes have their own stories but also connected stories. Each hero has their own villains, characters, and story, but then they can come together as a team or group to help each other when they need to. This is why I'd be happiest if CW goes ahead with other spin-off shows because then there could be crossovers c: What are your thoughts on this? Arrow and Flash haven't premiered yet, is anyone else excited for them?
love these kind of tv shows,they're so much fun to watch
@ugsi agreed!