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San Diego's Little Italy is known for its Italian eateries, fine art galleries, and farmers' markets, but without a doubt, my favorite spot is its hip Mexican cantina, Super El Camino. I am a huge aesthetics junkie, especially when it comes to unique and brightly colored interior design. The moment you walk inside, your mind is absolutely blown by how much detail they put into the place. There's huge murals, refurbished furniture, and custom lighting - my favorite being the Mexican ceramic piggie banks that were painted gold and suspended as very fun DIY style lanterns! (And you KNOW it's bad when you go to the restroom simply because you want to stare at the huge red murals on its walls.) Anyway, here are pictures from my most recent trip to Super El Camino. I hope you find the place as 'design inspiring' as I do. (Bonus shot of my carne asada nachos! Yum!)
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This is amazing @danidee -- I think I need to find some funkier establishments to visit.
@pixiedust @greggr I'm glad you liked it! I was a little apprehensive about putting all of this up, but it's such a visually interesting place, I figured at least SOMEBODY on Vingle would be into it as much as I am!
I love the mural in the first picture! What a fun place :)
@peppermintt It really is such a cool mural! I can never decide if I like the outside or the inside more!
Yeah San Diego! I love all the art hidden around Little Italy, I should check this out ASAP.