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Ten thoroughly enjoyable movies with disappointing endings. I don't necessarily agree with all of them, but it's a fun list! 10. A.I. Artificial Intelligence (2001) A.I. is an artistic and beautiful reimagining of Pinocchio with a solid message but a heartbreaking ending. 9. The Ninth Gate (1999) I was always too scared to watch it myself, but looking up the ending it sounds like a serious plot twist! What seems to be the controversy however is the ambiguity of the ending. 8. Signs (2002) I enjoyed Signs, for all of its criticisms. I found the story of a man who has lost his faith, finding it again really inspiring and beautiful. But I do agree that the plot twist of the invading alien forces choosing a planet covered in their biggest weakness to be an unfortunate storytelling choice. 7. The Devil’s Advocate (1997) Personally I loved the ending to this one, I think the idea of second chance is really hopeful and inspiring! I can understand how people could find the ending frustrating though. 6. 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968) I will freely admit my ignorance on this one, even though I have watched the classic I did not understand the ending. I've had it explained to me and I think the issue lies in it simply being inaccessible to the masses. The ending is beyond its years and it suffers for it. 5. The Wolverine (2013) Again not one I've seen myself, but according to critics the ending devolved into an unrealistic and thus enjoyable fight that didn't fit with the character or direction of the story. 4. High Tension (2003) A French horror film (if you guessed I didn't watch this one either you guessed right) that apparently failed on the writing so badly that the ending didn't logically fit with the rest of the film. Sounds frightening AND disappointing. 3. I Am Legend (2007) My husband dragged me to see this in theaters and I have to agree, the ending really did not fit with the rest of the film and went against everything the character had learned during the story. 2. Sunshine (2007) An interesting concept and well written, until the end of course. The movie really seemed to be dealing with complex and interesting issues, but it just forgot about it at the end in favor of mindless violence. 1. Superman (1978) In my opinion this is the perfect example of a deus ex machina. The movie was going a direction that would have been tragic, but would have evolved the character and story greatly and instead of pursuing it they chose a fantastical way out.
The end of superman I think was executed not so good but a good idea. I get the idea they were trying to go with but like you said it didn't fit with what they'd already done. It's too bad cause it would have been sweet if it has fit better
I love Signs, but it was a really dumb ending. So lack luster :/
@AgentCory that's a good point, and I will concede that I don't really know not being well versed in the characters. I'd be interested to learn more about them and how the ending might have worked better though now that you bring that up.