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Time to trade in the bright summer color for rich autumn tones. Elle magazine picked some of their favorite colors from various lines and it seems like jewel tones and rich colors are all the rage! Personally, I am more of a dark nail polish fan so the dark blues and maroons are my favorite, but mixing it up with the light pinks and neutrals is also a great look. Does anyone have a favorite color that they didn't include in this batch?
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These are beautiful, I especially like the Tom Ford one! Do you happen to have the names of the colors?
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Is that last shade matte? I love matte polishes.
3 years ago·Reply
I need to get myself a nice dark purple again....That's my favorite any time of year!
3 years ago·Reply
these colors are so pretty, it makes me want to paint my nails for fall
3 years ago·Reply
The OPI burgundy-like color!
3 years ago·Reply