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For some reasons, I miss him... He was a bad character... but not in the real life right?...
@KikiraHikaru Oh that makes sense, apologies for misunderstanding! He is such an interesting character!
the movies did a really great job of showing Draco's character where the books were better with Ron (he's just more interesting in the book imo). and Felton is awesome, but you can't beat Lauren Lopez as Malfoy!!!
And I absolutely agree @stargaze, Felton was the perfect choice for the movies!
I actually thought his character in the books was very interesting, and I loved the way they presented him in the later movies. He really struggled with the choices his life has presented him, and even when he's making the wrong one to me it really comes across that it's hard for him. Just my thoughts though :)
Among the other main four characters, I like his acting best. I can't imagine anyone else playing Draco Malfoy besides Tom Felton. You can't hate his character.
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