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Hello guys. Looks like my time as fishing moderator is up. Seems like it was just a short time ago that I began after @happyrock's term ended, and now it's almost @dougjohnson's turn. I had a lot of fun with each and every one of you guys that joined the fishing community.... especially you guys @MelanieTaylor @ryan88argo @MichaelPhillips. Lastly I want to give a special thanks to you @ryan88argo for you help in the community there at the end....maybe we can both help Doug out next time. I won't be leaving the community though, just too busy to keep on as moderator. I wish you luck @dougjohnson, and look forward to seeing you all around the community. Tight lines, everyone!
Tight lines my friend
@ShaneRalls I'm still around! Just not in charge any more ha ha. @dougjohnson is the man now. I'm just staffing to help him out. Welcome!
Thanks for everything @mcgraffy!!! You've been a really helpful guide these past few months