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Hello! Hi! Hey! How's it going? And most importantly, what'cha drinking? I hope it's a nice, warm cup of coffee! (Or iced, if that's your thing, no one's judging here. I'm an iced girl myself). I'm very excited to get to be Coffee Moderator for this term! I've only been really into coffee for about a year and a half now, so my knowledge is still pretty limited. I've tried hundreds of different cafes since I started drinking coffee, but I have only begun to dabble in the world of coffee beyond the cafe! I hope that in my time as moderator, us coffee enthusiasts can learn more about coffee together! I would love for our community to become somewhere that anyone who loves coffee -- regardless of bean, preparation style, roast, or any other factor -- can have a good time! We all love coffee, so let's learn more about it together! So, grab a cup, and stop by for some coffee chit-chat. If anyone is interested in becoming Community Staff, please send me a message and we can talk about it! I'd love help leading our community. Have a great day everyone! :)
Can't live without the stuff. wouldn't want to.
@hikaymm yeeeeees definitely!!!
@asparagus @caricakes @AgentCory Thanks!! @uberwren haha yes we need to add some of those! I'm thinking about uploading some of my 100 days of coffee pics :)
Congrats @hikaymm
congrats @hikaymm!!
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