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The Best of Pittsburgh Sports

I'll admit it: I'm one of those "I just love my city's teams" sports fans. I genuinely enjoy watching hockey, footballs alright, and I'll sit through baseball if it's the Pirates. Regardless, I'm a Pittsburgh girl and this compilation of Steel City sports is too great to be ignored! Easily one of the best Pittsburgh videos I've seen that actually focuses on the amazing sports teams we have! Welcome to Buctober :)
Well it's like anything. I feel you cause the Oilers are playing their last season in Rexall Place this year, a facility that's been there since 1968 I think. To think of moving out of a building that saw the Gretsky area & 5 Stanley Cups is hard to swallow, but eventually you have to move on I suppose. Even my beloved are West Ham are moving in 2016 out of the Boleyn Ground they've been at since 1906. Overall though, there's not a bad seat in Consol. Been there only once but was a fantastic place.
@Spudsy2061 I love every sports facility we have, actually!! I miss the old one, but consol is pretty fantastic as well.
I must admit, I'm not much of a Penguins supporter having grown out of Philly with the Flyers (despite them not being my #1 in the NHL). Pirates are alright, Roberto Clemente was a class act. Pittsburgh's PNC Park is also very nice, I love that stadium! Consol Energy is also a pretty nice arena, there's not a bad seat in the house. Lot to love about that town for sure.
@EightyNine to each their own :) Pittsburgh fans are definitely dedicated!!
Pittsburgh definitely has some of the best fans in all of sports! That being said go Giants!
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Here's the full MLB playoff schedule
It's playoff time! Who's excited? I know I am - and I bet my fellow baseball fans are too! @mchlyang @christianmordi @ButterflyBlu @superiorsl !! Let's take a look at the Wild Card and NLDS schedule. It all gets started this Tuesday at 8PM ET as Houston travels to the Bronx to face the Yankees. The Yankees could have a tough time with the AL Cy Young frontrunner and 20-game winner, but it should be an intense game one way or the other. Win or go home! In the NL Wild Card, the Cubs face the Pirates in Pittsburgh at 8PM ET on Wednesday. This game also features a likely Cy Young winner, as Jake Arrieta will look to continue his masterful second half and knock out the Cubs' division rivals. After those Wild Card games are settled, we enter into the Division Series. Each series is a 5-game set, with the team with home field advantage playing host in games 1, 2, and 5. Both sets in the National league follow the same schedule of games. New York Mets vs. Los Angeles Dodgers St. Louis Cardinals vs. [winner of Pittsburgh vs. Chicago] Game 1 - Friday [@ LA/St. Louis] Game 2 - Saturday [@ LA/St. Louis] Game 3 - Monday [@ NY/Pittsburgh or Chicago] Game 4 - Tuesday [@ NY/Pittsburgh or Chicago] Game 5 - Thursday [@ LA/St. Louis] There's lots of intrigue in the American League, too. Texas Rangers vs. Toronto Blue Jays Kansas City Royals vs. [winner of New York vs. Houston] Game 1 - Thursday [@Toronto/KC] Game 2 - Friday [@Toronto/KC] Game 3 - Sunday [@Texas/New York or Houston] Game 4 - Monday [@Texas/New York or Houston] Game 5 - Wednesday [@Toronto/KC] Enjoy the playoffs everyone! Be on the lookout for more cards anticipating and making projections as the first games approach!
Former NFL star Chad Johnson says he saved money by living inside Cincinnati Bengals stadium for two years
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Mets make splash with 2 moves in 1 day
What a day for the Mets! When the Cubs scooped up Ben Zobrist, one of the hottest free agents in the league right from under the Mets' noses, the Mets needed a backup plan. There was talk that they might not have one, but they proved everyone wrong. They made a quick move for Pirates 2B Neil Walker, trading SP Jon Niese for him straight up. Let me be clear: this was a great move. The Mets, with four healthy young arms plus Zach Wheeler on the way back from injury and guys like Logan Verrett and Rafael Montero ready to contribute until Wheeler comes back, had no need for Niese. He was making too much money to be what was essentially their 6th (or even 7th) starter. But the Mets did need a second baseman, and in Walker they got just that. He may not be a superstar, but he is very solid defensively and is better at the plate than Wilmer Flores or youngster Dilson Herrera, who will now have more time to develop in the minors instead of being thrown into a starting role before he's ready. The Mets also scooped up SS Asdrubal Cabrera in the same day, signing the player to a 2-year deal. This one also makes sense, as the 2 shortstops on the Mets' roster are injured and racing to be back in time for Spring Training. In any case, Cabrera might be better than both Tejada and Flores (the guys who split time at SS last season) through and through. Like Walker, he's no superstar, but this was a very good move for a team that needed some depth. Sure, I'm sad to see Niese go after all that he's done for this team over the past couple of years. He's been through thick and thin with a team that struggled so much and he will be remembered as a tough Met and a good man. But business is business, and the Mets got two players that could start everyday for them on the cheap in exchange for one player that they did not need. When you look at it like that - and I think you have to - this was a great day for the Mets. Do you like the moves? @ButterflyBlu @superiorsl @Starbell808 @DonnaMelton @jokes @BEAUTYgirlARIEL @David19Flo23 @karencorchado @SamuelRodriguez @xitlalicordova1 @AndrewMaldonado @Link4TW @DannyMoses @ClaySharko @Ravenwing92 @FromBlue2U @LemissaNicole @BossDominata @MalikLawary @KyleBerke @DerekGumtow @Straightshooter @Kirooken @TravisManning @GalacticChakra @ChristopherKenn @MrTenThirty @JasonNilsson @addri @GinnaL13 @VeronicaArtino @TomasVasquez @GingerMJones @starli @strawhatblakley @FernandaMontalv @jgallegos222 @DennieySnyder @PaulFotiadis
NFL Week 12 Pick 'Em
With Week 12 upon us, it's time for teams to really start making their push toward the playoffs. Let's take a look at some of the biggest games around the league. Steelers vs. Seahawks Seattle will look to ride rookie RB Thomas Rawls as they hope to solidify their playoff chances. They're currently behind the Cardinals for the NFC West division lead but are in prime position to take one of the two Wild Card spots in the NFC, with the rest of the conference pretty weak overall. The Steelers are in a similar position, as they are leading the AFC Wild Card charge but trail the Bengals for the lead in the AFC North. Prediction: The Seahawks take this one at home. They're too tough to beat in Seattle. 20-16, Seahawks. Patriots vs. Broncos It'll be another start for QB Brock Osweiler in place of the injured (and ineffective) Peyton Manning in what is always one of the most exciting games of the year between the Pats and the Broncos. The Patriots are looking to improve on their 10-0 record and join the Panthers as the other undefeated team this late in the season. Prediction: Even though the game is in Denver, the Patriots are too good. The Broncos will put up a good fight thanks to their dominant defense, but it won't be enough. Patriots 17, Broncos 10. Vikings vs. Falcons This is the game of the week for me, with the Vikings looking to take advantage of division rival's loss, as the Packers fell to the Bears on Thanksgiving. With a win, Minnesota will take a lead in the NFC North. The Falcons started hot but have lost a few games in a row. They'll be hoping to get back on track to remain in control of a Wild Card spot. The division is out of the question with the undefeated Panthers set to take the cake, but Atlanta are still looking good, provided they can put together a few more wins. Prediction: This will be a really tight game and it's tough to call, but I'm giving it to the home team in a shootout. Atlanta 31, Minnesota 27. Enjoy the games, everyone!