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Jonathan Ng's "Requiem for Romance" takes one ill-fated couple's break-up phone call and plays it out in a very unconventional albeit visually stunning way. This short was animated in Chinese traditional water ink technique, depicting the characters' fluid martial arts moves in a way where the artist has even jokingly referred to the short as "Crouching Breakup Hidden Romance". Winner of both 'Best Animation' at the 2013 San Jose Short Film Festival and the 'Canadian Shortwork Award' at the Whistler Film Festival (among many others). In fact, the film has seen so much recognition, it even currently plays onboard during flights for Qatar Airlines! Pretty impressive!
oh my.... that was really heartbreaking but really cool, I can see how it won so many awards! was it a real phone call?!
@danidee ok yeah that makes more sense, and congrats to her she was awesome in this too!
@AgentCory I think it's safe to assume it might be loosely autobiographical because the artist himself is an artist of Chinese heritage and they seem to address a lot of that identity in the dialogue, BUT it's not a real phone call! In fact, the actress actually won a few awards for her voice acting in this at film festivals this was screened at.