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Art historian Dr. Sonya Nevin and her husband, animator Steve K. Simons, have created a series of incredible and historically accurate animations of the scenes on ancient Greek pots. This England-based project, Panoply, has attracted the art fans and scholars alike and recount an important time in the development of human civilization with a delightful dash of visual whimsy. To see more of Panoply's work and find out more about this ongoing project, visit Panoply.org.uk!
Reminds me of Hercules!
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@peppermintt It is sort of like Hercules now that you mention it! I wonder if kids would see something like this and make the same connection and whether or not that would make them want to learn more!
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@danidee @pappermintt That's what I thought when I first saw it! This is a great idea!
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