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MY QUEEN IS FINALLY BACK WITH A NEW MINI ALBUM CRIES. its so hard to pick a favorite song in the album; all the songs are so good omg. Ailee's so amazingly talented tho i love her so muchh♡ what do u guys think bout the album/mv? c:
A year or so, I was able to interview some of the American record executives that manage K-Pop artists when they come to the US for tours and television apperances, like SNSD, Psy, BIGBANG, etc. And I asked them who they believe is the K-Pop artist most likely to make it big in America, and they all said Ailee! I was assuming it'd be some SM or YG artist, but Ailee is the one that's getting everyone's attention. I thought that was really cool!
@danidee so lucky!! I love ailee so much, her voice is SO powerful!
@danidee WOWW! That's so amazing!! im so proud of Ailee omg<3!