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This is super exciting because a.) I use Photoshop on a regular basis and b.) I've been wanting a Chromebook so I won't have to carry my 17', 7 pound laptop everywhere with me! Adobe & Google have partnered to provide a cloud experiences to select students and educators who use Chromebooks in their classrooms. Everything will run from the cloud and will be connected to Google Drive. Hopefully this is just the beginning and Chromebooks will have many more apps available to users. I hope to see this offered to non students/teachers as well!
I love the idea of carrying a light portable laptop, but I still don't like the idea of cloud storage. It makes me feel like I don't actually own my work. Just a thought!
I wish I had know more apps were going to make the chromebook commitment! I was hesitant to look at them because I dont like the idea of needing to be online to access things but it seems like more and more its not such a bad thing.
That's great. I remember Photoshop taking up all sorts of space on my computer and that was back when I was stuck to my desktop!
@stargaze, that's very true! there's always a catch, right? @RichardMurrie that's great to hear! makes me want to get one even more
I don't use Photoshop but we have 3 Chromebooks in our house and they are fantastic. The Windows laptop hasn't been used in nearly a year.
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