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Google Keep is my favorite app for notes. I use it for everything: reminders, grocery lists, vocab terms, notes to self, etc. You can access it through and there is an Android App as well. Unfortunately, there is no iOS app at the moment but hopefully there will be one in the future. What I love about Google Keep: - Great and simple user interface. I love that your notes actually look like post-it notes - You can schedule reminders. This is great if you want to be reminded on your mobile device. I use this feature so much - You can change the colors of your notes. I love this feature because I can organize my notes by color - You can create lists and even add pictures to your notes Android App: iOS alternate app:
First time hearing about Google Keep! Will definitely try out this post-it looking app!
It would be fun to see what weird lists people make
I love Google Keep. It's exactly as simple as I always wanted, but could never find in other productivity apps. Use it all the time!
I recommended it to a friend of mine, and she's gone completely overboard. Lists are addicting!
@sanityscout good to here more people know about google keep! also one of my favorite apps! :-)