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Wow! I'm so excited: I'm going to be the travel community moderator for the next three months. Thank you very much, and I hope I can do the title justice :) Even though my travels have been somewhat limited, I have loved every single trip that I have had the fortune to take. Around the USA, I have been to many national parks, historic sites and amusement parks. Outside the US, I have briefly been in Canada, Mexico and Europe! I really cannot wait to go beyond that: I want to see South America, Africa, Australia, and more! And that's where the community comes in: how do we find out about these amazing places we can go, or areas of the world we never knew existed? By finding out about other peoples travels! I hope that our community can become a place where we not only share the places we hope to visit someday, but also where we share information about the travels we have been on, so that others can discover hidden corners of the world as well! If you love traveling and are interested in becoming Community Staff to help me plan how to showcase beautiful places from around the world, please just message me! Well, I think that's it! Thanks for having me everyone, and I'm looking forward to seeing what places we can discover together! Happy travels.
Congrats onesmile.. Deserves another smile:)
@CaseyAveritt Thanks!!
Yay! I'm excited for another quarter of cool travel content.
congrats @onesmile!
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