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Tailoring a playlist to fit your specific workout can strongly affect your performance. Our bodies have the tendency to naturally sync with a tempo and, literally, run with it. Here are some tips for making workout-specific playlists: Yoga - Soothing, slow tracks. You don't need to have sounds of water or leaves in the wind, pop songs work too! My last class incorporated the slower versions of Lorde's songs, along with some very smooth R&B. Pilates - Kick up the tempo a bit and focus on tracks that have a defined beat. Pilates moves rely on counting specific repetitions so matching these moves with your music will keep you motivated to finish that last rep or try another set. Running - Motivation, motivation, motivation! Pick upbeat, happy tracks to help you run that extra mile. Anything from classic pop to an awesome rock song. I even try to pick soundtracks from movies to make me feel really epic :) Kickboxing - Think of a mix of pilates and running, with a solid beat to base your kicks and punches off of and a ton of motivation. Do not be afraid to blast those guilty pleasure tracks...yes I'm talking about Kelly Clarkson. Remember to be safe while listening to music. I have had too many incidents of running in front of cars because I couldn't hear them over my music!
I will admit to having some Miley on my workout playlist....
I seriously can't workout without my ipod. Even if I'm in a gym that is playing music, it is game-over if I dont have my own playlist.
Jogging is when I bust out my 2NE1 albums. NO SHAME.
@Nisfit Same here. It's so boring. I need seem pump up music to keep me going.
Great advice! Listening to slower music for yoga and more upbeat stuff for other workouts I knew, but the idea of having different styles for different types of workouts is really clever and creative!