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'Where the Wild Things Are' read by Christopher Walken
Okay, it's not the /real/ Christopher Walken, but that's a pretty great voice impression. Do you hear that Walken comma?! This reading doesn't only read the words, but also interprets the unspoken words of the pictures for us: who knew what was really happening in Where the Wild Things Are!
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@stargaze For sure! I really enjoy an audiobook more when it's a voice that I'm familiar with. @AgentCory I know!! I had to listen so many times to decie if it was really him or not
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@timeturnerjones it's funny I think of that as being such a unique and like one of a kind voice but here we are, I hope he does more impression videos!
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I love it.
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@danidee Glad to have your approval :P
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Doug Walker really nailed in when he described Walken as (paraphrasing here) bizarre but always enjoyable.
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